Sunday, January 18, 2015

Look, it ticks!

I will be honest.  Very honest.  I never met John Bullard in the flesh until today and when I saw him smile at all the work I made for this concert it filled me with a sense what I can only describe as...completion.  He saw the work and was moved.  If a few nights lost to sleep instead of work can bring about a smile like this, it's always worth it.  My thanks go out to Trees for hosting, King Camel Productions (Matthew Gray and Jeff Brown in particular) for organizing this amazing concert,  the bands:  Beach Fossils.  The Appleseed Cast.  Telegraph Canyon.  Indian Jewelry.  The Outfit, TX.  Son of Stan.  Ronnie Heart.  Madison King.  Matthew and the Arrogant Sea.  Dead Mockingbirds.  Moon Waves.  Leon Bridges.  The Blondettes.
You played amazing and also signed a poster I gave to John at the end of the night.  You guys were amazing and showed me an amazing time.  I hope never to forget this day.