Monday, November 17, 2014

Falcon for Falcon

So I got this photo off of Imagur via Reddit and I have to say that they made a quite faithful reproduction to one of the all time iconic spacecrafts of all time.  You'll note that the falcon is on a green screen so they wanted to give their falcon a bit more sparkle (as they should) and below is the result.

I think that's a valiant attempt but since I like my photoshop...

You can catch the documentation of their amazing creation here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

MOTUS Graphics

I've working a motion capture studio right here in Plano called Motus Digital.  Their new website MoCap Online is going to showcase some of my graphic work.
Here's the project:
Originally their link icons involved this fellow:
Meet MOTUS Man.  He's the model that Motus uses for all of their model packs they sell.  As he stands he's slick for sure but I made a suggestion that he could look a little more finished.  So I and my trusty Photoshop skills too a swing.  He now has carbon fiber textured panels, better contrast with cool low lights and I've added glowing pieces to his armor as well.

He'll be standing in front of these backgrounds in a variety of poses to demonstrate the pre-rendered motion packs they offer.

Here's an example of a finished combination

Please keep your eyes on MoCap Online and they can make your next game build a lot easier.