Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Logo Design

Howdy internet users!
I was recently commissioned to make a logo for my old friend who's starting up a martial arts studio in NYC.

I've built up a good amount amount of progress images and it's time to show them off and tell a story.
We started with a sketch submitted by my client for a general idea of what was being made

 After we had a few discussions I tried adding some dimensionalality by having the figure immersed in the star.

 My client loved it.  So I expanded on it with markers in this prelim.

 Now it was time to clean this idea up and go digital!  I started with a simple ink drawing.

Once scanned and cleaned, I brought this into illustrator and turned into a crisp vector.

 It was at this point that my client and I talked about some design changes.  So I threw this out there.

Eventually though we compromised, as everybody should.  As a result we now have this.

This is the logo as it stands now.  I'm working on color changes and text next but so far, it's been a good time.