Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's all cars today!

So I happen to like machines.  Things like planes, guns and cars intrigue me.  They're the ultimate in practical design.  What comes out of machines is work that can be objectively measured.  So here's my take on my favorite muscle car.  The Chevrolet Camaro.  Also because I'm a gigantic nerd, I want to make one inspired by the film, TRON Legacy: 

We must not forget my earlier take on the Bugatti Grand Sport Vittesse.  I've named this doomsday era supercar "The Porcupine" which I'm featuring in my comic that's sadly still in progress because time management and myself aren't on speaking terms.  I'd announce my overall plan here but it's better that I show it completed and "in the round" as it were.    
Please share stay tuned...