Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Sketchbook!

So I went my the shop the other day and I bought a dreary looking sketchbook. How can I draw in a book that doesn't speak to me! "Something has to be done!", I said aloud (in a crowded room) and while some of the puzzled faces turned to fear I devised a plan. "I will make this sketchbook awesome!" and as I was escorted to the exit of the shop with my booty in tow, I drove home and set my plan in motion.
I laid out the position of the buckle.
Here the buckle strap was sewed in and the first piece of tape is down.
Now the front cover is pretty much done.

You can't see it but I put in a piece of paper for strengthening then after it was glued in place, I taped over the whole thing. Now's time for the back cover.
Here I laid out the strap placement.
Now the strap has been sewed, glued and taped down.
I took the sewed strap from the back cover then threaded it through the buckle in front.

Here's a built-in pocket just like those fancy-shmancy moleskins.

The final product. Neat aint it?And a little message from Moi. This book is in for some interesting times.