Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Work

Here is some new characters that I've been doodling.

So after revisiting seventh sanctum the prompt read:
a depressed policeman who is guided by a wizard"
and after some thumbnail work (that got lost and i apologize in advance) this is what i've come up with

This is Police Officer Dick Hammond.
He's been down in the dumps for the last few years because every time he takes the detective's exam he fails quite miserably. So he's been walking the same beat for close to 15 years and it's time to change. One day, while responding to a noise complaint coming from an old church, Dick comes to know that the noise is coming from behind a door, an impossibly old one (older than the church he's standing in). That's when his life is changed forever...

This is Zardoz
Born in the mid 1600s he has lived his life in many forms and many places. When he and his kind were forced from England and sought refuge among the English colonists coming to the new world. He lives in the space between spaces, the time inside a second or a blink and observes through his many windows. Until one day, someone barges into his house. Reasonably he's thinking "How did that happen?"

here is a revisit to the gunslinger from the other week: